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Design Academy Eindhoven

The Bachelor of Design course is a 4 year HBO course, with 8 design departments. The departments are non disciplinary, meaning not about fashion or graphic design, but formed around Man.

The vision is that Man is able to adjust his environment to the needs and wishes of a certain time. This ability results in various outcomes, ranging from decadent to socially extremely relevant and from pitiful to very tasteful. Our faith is not in the hands of destiny, we ourselves have power over the possible scenarios for the future. And that is exactly what studying at Design Academy Eindhoven is all about.
Design does not just involve tangible matters. It also tackles issues such as the organization of health care or the routing at an Airport. Design is not merely a matter of esthetics. On the contrary. A designer searches for the right concept within a given context. This implies keeping a close eye at what happens around you. What does it teach you? What do your head, heart and intuition tell you? Can you use a different approach or an experiment to reach a revolutionary solution? Studying at Design Academy Eindhoven means getting some hard work done, developing your own methods, finding out where your strength lies.
The foundation year is a general forming year. After this year you choose one of the eight design departments, along sign supporting subjects in the Compass.

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